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20 Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home in 2021

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20 Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home in 2021

20 Spring Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home in 2021

“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright” – The Beatles 

Spring has sprung! If the longer days and extra sunshine have got you feeling energized – why not put that to use and spruce up the old abode? Since many of us are spending more and more time at home these days, it’s worth pouring some love into making your space a sanctuary. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. We’ve put together 20 easy ideas to brighten your home this spring! 

20 Fresh Ideas to Bring Spring into Your Home 

Three trends are making serious waves on Instagram and Tiktok this year: Cottagecore, Grandmillennial, and Japandi. We’ve outlined them below with some nifty ways to incorporate their popular aesthetics into your home.


This style harkens back to simpler times and a closer relationship with nature. It’s about inviting slower casual country living into any living space.


Dried or fresh floral arrangements, wallpaper, or floral bedding can add the sweetness of spring to any room. If you’re crafty, you could experiment with pressing some flowers to create your own botanical art. 

2. Vintage botanical art 

Bring nature indoors with framed botanical prints for a traditional look. Shopping for pre-loved art treasures is sustainable too! 

3. Ceramic tea set

Nothing says slow country living quite like a warm cup of tea. A cute tea set can make your afternoon teatime a delight.

4.  Linen tablecloth

The soft, natural look of linen can remind us of the joy that comes from simple rituals like setting the table.

5. Glass suncatcher 

Let nature in and be dazzled by sunbeams reflecting colors into your home!

6. Mixed patterns and fabrics 

Try a gingham tablecloth for a classic farmhouse kitchen look, or layer bedding in stripes and different patterns for the ultimate Cottagecore charm.


Grandmillennial Style  

Grandmother meets millennial – this style fuses the nostalgia of Grandma’s living room with the playfulness of 21st century individuality.

7. Patterns 

Patterns rule in Grandmillennial style. Whether it’s toile, chintz, or plaid, the key to  Granny chic is to avoid a cluttered look – offset patterns with crisp white accents.

8. Velvet 

Velvet instantly adds glamour to any space. From a simple pillow cover to an accent chair – the options are endless!

9. Wicker and Rattan

No longer reserved for grandma’s porch – wicker and rattan furnishings can fit seamlessly into almost any setting.

10. Scenic wallpaper

A botanical print will invite a fresh spring look to your space, or, for a touch of opulence, opt for a Victorian floral backdrop. 

11. Floating shelves 

These make a great platform to showcase some of your favourite art pieces or family photos. Bonus – they make a great zoom background for those online meetings!

12. Antiques

Grandmillenial can be great for the environment! Look for antique treasures online or find gems in your local thrift store. 

13. Goldleaf mirror

These accent mirrors will add an air of history and elegance to your dining room.

Japandi Style  

In this East meets West style, Japanese minimalism is fused with Scandinavian hygge. The result is simplicity, coziness, and sustainability.

14. Woven tray or basket 

Natural materials like rattan and bamboo are central in Japandi style. A woven basket in your bedroom or living room draped with a cozy blanket will inspire relaxed vibes.

15. Pleated lampshade 

Brighten up your room by replacing an old lampshade with a pleated paper shade for  Japanese inspired lighting.

16. Ceramic vase 

The earthiness of ceramics are beautiful and express the comfort and simplicity of both Hygge and Japanese minimalism.

17. Wood

Wood is an important element in Japandi style. Combine light and dark woods for eye-catching contrast.

18. Areca Palm

If travel restrictions prevent us from visiting Japanese gardens, why not bring them into our home? 

19. Neutral colors 

If you’re decorating walls, opt for muted hues like brown and beige for the warm and natural feels of Japandi.

20. Reduce clutter 

The minimalist approach of Japandi encourages less clutter. Find whatever doesn’t ‘spark joy’ and say sayōnara

Whether you’re into Cottagecore, Grandmillennial, or Japandi style – let those breezy spring vibes liven up your home!