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Sheets: which fabrics should you choose according to your preferences?

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Sheets: which fabrics should you choose according to your preferences?

We all have different sleep preferences. Some people prefer to feel warm and wrapped up under a ton of blankets, while to others, the freshness of the sheets is the most important thing. Good sheets, in a fabric that suits your needs, tastes and preferences, will ensure you a most comfortable night’s sleep!

What information should you  consider?

How do you distinguish between important and superfluous information, and most importantly, how do you ensure that you are buying a product that suits you?

The size and thickness of your mattress

The first step, and not the least, before you start shopping for new sheets, is to check the size of your mattress (twin, double, large or very large), but also its thickness. It’s hard enough to position your fitted sheet correctly, if it’s not deep enough for your mattress, the battle is lost upfront!

The quality of the sheets

As a general rule, there is a lot of talk about the number of threads per square inch to determine the quality of a sheet. We talk about a good quality over 200 yarns and a very good quality when we exceed 300 yarns. Generally speaking, the denser the sheets are and the more threads they have, hence the more resistant they will be to wear, softer, and less likely to pilling.

The type of weaving is also a criterion to consider. Weaving is the way in which yarns are intertwined to form the fabric.

Which fabrics should I choose for my sheets?

Here are the main fabrics that make up the sheets, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

100% cotton

We love it for its softness and comfort, as well as for its practicality. It is ideal year-round, as it absorbs moisture and maintains body temperature. Its defect is the wrinkle ability of the fabric.

Combed or brushed cotton

Exactly the same as cotton, but the additional processing step, combing, eliminates the shortest fibres, which gives the fabric a softer appearance. Our fleece sheet sets are super comfortable, check them out here !

Egyptian cotton

Made from cotton seeds from Egypt, this fabric is of high quality and very resistant despite its sometimes fragile appearance due to its softness. If you are looking for a bedding set that combines softness and luxury, our Karma bedding set may appeal to you.


Bamboo, like cotton, is a fabric made of natural fibres that wicks moisture away from the body and breathes well at night. Its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.


If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, polyester is a very durable and easy to maintain choice.

Some sheets will be made of a mixture of several fibres. We will then find the advantages and disadvantages of the different fibres, combined in a single fabric. In this range, you can find the sheets from Oxygen collection which combine different materials such as Egyptian cotton and bamboo to offer you unequalled comfort!

The same sheets all year round?

You can decide to use the same sheets all year round if it is convenient for you. In this case, choose natural fibres such as cotton or bamboo. They breathe better and will keep you comfortable in both summer and winter. The Betula birch tree sheets are also a perfect choice for that!

In short, we are looking for quality fibres, ideally natural, as well as a high number of yarns per square inch. Have a pleasant shopping!