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Last minute advice for a successful move

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Last minute advice for a successful move

Last minute advice for a successful move

Last minute advice for a successful move

The boxes accumulate, the fridge empties, the truck is reserved…  Your move is approaching! Then comes the stress: are you really ready for this? Panic is spreading.  You’re afraid you’ve forgotten something! Don’t worry – here are our last-minute tips for a successful move!


What’s in the box?

It’s not necessary to make an exhaustive list of what’s in every box, however, writing down the room where this box in destined will help you to find your things faster and make sure boxes are put in the right room right away.

Group boxes together

Writing destination rooms is one thing, saving time is another! Think logistically. If you load your 10 kitchen boxes at once, you can place them into the truck together. Then, once you arrive at your new home, it will be easy to put these boxes in the kitchen immediately, saving that inevitable three-day search for that one that slipped into the living room. This approach to logistics will also ensure you waste less time going through all the boxes one after another when you unload the truck.

Keep clothes on hangers

If your clothes are in drawers it’s easy enough to store them folded in a box and then take them out to put back in your dresser. It’s another story if they hang in your wardrobe! Putting garments back on hangers one at a time is a bore.  We get it. There are two options to solve this problem. The first one? Buy a box with a rod inside made especially for this purpose. Your second option is to collect several garments and use a garbage bag (or custom-made cleaners-style plastic covers) to group and protect them.

Gather the essentials

Chances are, at the end of your move, your boxes won’t all end up in the right place.   Therefore it’s important to make sure you have a box with the essentials for your first night: sheets, pillows and hygiene products. Also, don’t hesitate to include important papers that you can’t risk losing, such as insurance contracts, tax papers, passports and similar documents.

Seize the opportunity to get rid of your old mattress

Is your old mattress in the last hours of its life? Would it be more useful recycled than in your bedroom? Kill two birds with one stone! We’ll recycle your old mattress when we deliver your new one. Nothing could be easier! You’ll get a great new mattress to enjoy on your first night in your new home, and your old mattress will end its life in an environmentally-friendly way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our last-minute tips to make your move a success. We wish you a hassle-free move and a great time in your new home!