Five Holiday Gifts for a New Homeowner

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Five Holiday Gifts for a New Homeowner

Five Holiday Gifts for a New Homeowner

Purchasing a new home is an exciting life event. What many homeowners realize once they purchase a home is that they may not have all of the essentials once they move in. Finding the perfect holiday gift for a new homeowner can be a challenging experience and can vary from home to home. The following gifts are great housewarming or holiday gifts for any new homeowner.

Keepsake Ornament

If the homeowner, you are shopping for is sentimental or loves the holidays give them a gift that can be cherished year after year. A keepsake ornament can be customized with their closing date or move in date and can be hung on their tree each year to commemorate the special occasion.

Cheeseboard Set

If the homeowner loves to entertain gift them a cheeseboard set. Charcuterie boards are all the rage and very on trend for entertaining. Gift a cheeseboard set that is customized or offers several size boards options for the perfect gift.

Cocktail Set

Do you know someone who is a mixologist? Gift a complete cocktail set for the new homeowner to enjoy. Cocktail sets come with all the essentials for mixing the perfect beverage and are an essential piece to any entertainer’s home. If you want to really wow them, include a book of unique cocktail recipes for them to try out during their next dinner party.

Cozy Blanket

Finding the perfect temperature and navigating a new thermostat is something every new homeowner goes through. Until they find the perfect temps to keep their house comfy, they may need to pile on the blankets. Gift a cozy blanket to ensure they keep warm all winter long.

Set of Storage Containers

If you know a homeowner that loves to cook a set of storage containers could be the perfect holiday gift. During the holidays people are gifting food, hosting dinner parties and there can be so many leftovers. As a new homeowner keeping the fridge tidy and preventing spoilage or waste is essential to keeping the kitchen safe and clean. A set of clear storage containers can come in handy for organization and keeping food
These gifts will add a nice touch of ‘home’ for any new house and will help get the homeowner settled in. Purchasing a new home is an exciting event and these gifts will help to celebrate the occasion.

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