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5 ways to fall asleep with lavender

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5 ways to fall asleep with lavender

Did you know? Lavender has a host of health benefits. It promotes, among other things, falling asleep, reducing stress and relaxing muscles. It is, therefore, a plant that is your ally at bedtime. How to integrate it into your sleep routine? Here are our ideas for falling asleep with lavender.


1 – Drink a lavender herbal tea

To take advantage of the benefits of lavender, do not hesitate to make some herbal tea out of it. If you do not like its taste, add a little honey or mix it with another kind of herbal tea like chamomile.

2 – Sleep with a sachet of dried lavender flowers

A small sachet that contains dried lavender flowers placed next to the pillow is ideal for relaxing before falling into the arms of Morpheus. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this relaxing plant without having to stain your sheets with essential oil.

3 – Take a relaxing bath with lavender

Whether you take a bath of essential lavender oil or your favorite foam bath contains it, the result is the same: you come out of the bath very calm, relaxed, Zen. Put on your favorite pyjamas and slip under your sheets, you can now fall asleep peacefully.

4 – Spread lavender essential oil

A diffuser placed close to your bed will allow you to perfume the air of your bedroom with a relaxing scent. Turn on the diffuser a few minutes before bedtime for the bedroom to be ready when you want to sleep.

5 – Sleep on the infused lavender mattresses from Zedbed

Zedbed makes its own lavender foam with lavender water right here in Quebec. Only Zedbed adds soybean oil and locally produced lavender water. Lavender promotes fast sleep and restful sleep but is also known to repel dust mites and bed bugs. Why forego it?


And you, do you like falling asleep with lavender?