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Montessori pedagogy for children’s bedroom

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Montessori pedagogy for children’s bedroom

Do you know the Montessori pedagogy? One of the essential points of this educational pedagogy created in 1907 by Maria Montessori is to promote the autonomy and initiative of children, even when they are small. The Montessori room is composed of 4 different corners, always with the aim that the child develops autonomously by exploring his or her universe in all freedom. In this article, we will focus on the sleeping area. Here are some great ideas for putting this philosophy into practice within the bedroom!

The 4 corners of the room

The room that follows the Montessori philosophy will have four distinct corners: the dining area, the sleeping area, the clothing area and the activity area. All items will be available to the child so that he or she can discover his or her environment by himself or herself safely. In the dining area, the child will be breastfed or bottle-fed until he or she can eat with the family. In the sleeping area, the child will be able to relax, read books, and of course, sleep. In the clothing corner, the child can learn to dress up by himself or herself and choose his or her clothes. In the activity corner, the child will have within reach a few well-selected games that will allow him or her to learn different concepts.

The sleeping area in detail

The sleeping area of a Montessori-inspired bedroom is quite special. The crib mattress or the single mattress will be placed on the ground directly. The crib is therefore to be proscribed in this pedagogy! This way, there’s no falling possible, and the child who knows how to move will be able to go in and out of bed independently. This way of doing things encourages the child to move by himself or herself to the areas of the room that are of interest.

Reading Suggestions for more insight on the subject

The Montessori pedagogy is interesting and we advise you to go deeper into the subject if you are intrigued by it. Here are some reading suggestions to learn more about the subject: 

  • The practical manual of the Montessori method – Maria Montessori
  • Montessori for toddlers: raising confident and empowered children from birth – Lynn Lillard Jessen and Paula Polk Lillard
  • 60 Montessori activities for my baby: preparing his world, awakening him and helping him do by himself – Marie-Hélène Place

Did you know this pedagogy? Would you dare to place your baby’s mattress on the floor? Reply us in the comments below!