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Proud Partners

Hockey has an undeniable positive impact on the people who play, and we believe those impacts should be shared by all – regardless of gender.

Hockey is hers.

Hockey is hers. The women who represent Canada command respect. Sealy Canada has sponsored the Canadian Women’s National Team that will be competing in the 2021 IIHF Women’s World Championship.

Sealy supports hockey in Canada.

Introducing a limited edition mattress that will help to celebrate Canada’s national sport. Designed after Team Canada’s jersey to bring a sense of pride to all Canadians.


Sealy supports hockey in Canada

Make hockey more.

Our goal is to encourage more young girls and woman into the sport of hockey. We want to ensure local coaches and leaders continue to build connections and confidence in youth across the country.

Make hockey more

Canada’s game belongs to all Canadians.

Join us in supporting an all-girls Dream Come True so financial circumstances are never a barrier to female participation in the game. When you give to Hockey Is Hers, you empower her hockey journey and help share a Canadian tradition for all.


Canadas game belongs to all Canadians