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What type of mattress is best for back problems?

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What type of mattress is best for back problems?

A mattress is the most important part of your bedroom. You will spend many nights and some days laying on your mattress and trying to get the best rest. If you have back problems you are going to want to investigate the best possible options for you to ensure you get a great night’s rest. The following are some options to consider when choosing a mattress if you have back problems.

Bed in a box

Bed in a box mattresses often have layers of memory foam and other types of foam that adapt to the shape of your body allowing for ample support. Each layer of a bed in box is progressively denser to prevent the body from sinking in. The high density memory foam allows for support that releases tension from your pressure points.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses provide many benefits for those with stiff backs or lower pack pain due to their coil support system. Luxury firm mattresses are built with double-layer coils for added support, along with layers of memory foam to help keep you comfortable and stable while you sleep. Some firm mattresses have a lumbar zone in the center to provide pressure relief in the middle of the mattress.

Soft Mattress

For side sleepers that have lower lumbar issues or hip pain, considering a soft mattress may be the way to go. Soft mattresses allow the body to slide in gently while providing pillow-like support to the hips and lower back. Soft mattresses can also absorb motion and movement of partners to provide a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Other types of Mattresses

There are a few other types of mattresses and elements you can add to make mattresses more comfortable and adjustable to your body. There are mattresses that have cooling capabilities like gel foam toppers and mattresses that are a hybrid mix of spring and foam. Be sure to try out the mattress in store before taking it home. 


When shopping for a mattress pay attention to the details. Quality and durability are extremely important when selecting a mattress. If you select the right mattress it will provide restful sleep that can help you get through your day-to-day.