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What are the best mattresses for children?

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What are the best mattresses for children?

Are you looking for a mattress for a child? Researching the best mattresse for children can be a tedious task as there are many different types on the market. Children have much different sleeping patterns and habits than adults so it is important to find the best fit for your child. Children need mattresses that have good support and that can easily be cleaned and cared for. The following types of mattresses are some of the best options we have found for children.  


Bed in a box mattresses are often built with many layers of specialty foam that adapt and form to one’s body. The high density foam allows for support and absorbs shock better than some traditional coil mattresses. Children tend to move about as they sleep so a mattress in a box mattress may be the best fit for a child who tosses and turns or moves about frequently during the night. We suggest opting for a firmer comfort.

Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses may be best for older children as young children may find the firmer mattress harder to sleep on. They can also help support growing bodies and provide the support needed in areas like hips, lower back and knees where aches and muscle pains from growing can happen. 

Hybrid Mattress 

Hybrid mattresses provide extra support for those fussy sleepers and also allow comfort and rest during the night. A mattress that has a strong support system of coils in the middle with outer layers of memory foam can provide a good night’s rest for even the most difficult sleeper.  


When shopping for a mattress for children, pay attention to the details and quality. Children’s mattresses will be submitted to extreme wear and tear and should be easy to care for and clean.