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We understand you are experiencing an issue with the sleep set you purchased from one of our locations. As a leading mattress retailer in Quebec, we take great pride in the quality of our products and appreciate hearing from customers who are experiencing an issue of any nature. Below you will find the warranty claim form we created in order to help you gather all the necessary information required by the manufacturers. Please read the ‘Limited Warranty Highlights’ section below. The claim will not be processed if you fail to provide a proof of the invoice. Please note you will also be required to submit 2 photos of the issue you are experiencing with your product along with a picture of the bed frame.

Once we receive your completed form together with a copy of your invoice and photos, we will be in a position to process your claim.  At this point, it may be determined that the manufacturer may need to setup an inspection for your sleep set. If an inspection is needed, you will be notified by the manufacturer and an independent inspector will call to arrange a visit on a date that suits your schedule. When the inspection report is received, it will be determined if the sleep set or a piece of the sleep set is defective according to the warranty. If you have a manufacturing defect, we will notify you to explain how the replacement process is handled and what your transportation charges will be for the delivery.  If a manufacturing defect is not found, you will also be notified. The claim process could take 2-6 weeks.

Nature of the problem & possible solutions

Body Impressions:

Body impressions do not indicate a structural weakness or breaking down of the innerspring unit.   They are a natural occurrence of the mattress filling material, cotton and foam, conforming to each person’s individual weight and body characteristics (click to see How to measure body impressions).

Squeaks or Noises:

Squeaks and other noises usually originate from the bed frame, headboard or footboard.  Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame.   Check the frame by pushing down in several locations to locate the noise. If the noise cannot be located, replace the box spring on the frame and repeat the test.  Finally, replace the mattress and repeat the test.

– If you have a prorated warranty, expect to pay a pro-rated usage charge if the bedding is returned after the free repair or replacement period has expired. You will also be required to pay transportation costs from the nearest manufacturing facility.

-The manufacturer reserves the right to: Replace your product with bedding of equal or better quality if identical materials are not available. There is no guarantee that the product you receive will have the same fabric color or construction as your current mattress or box spring as sleep set models change and may not be available at the time of replacement.

Limited Warranty Highlights

Length of Warranty:

Your warranty protects you from the day you received your sleep set and continues according to the “Warranty Schedule” found on your original warranty card (see below).  In the event that the manufacturer repairs or replaces your sleep set, the warranty continues your protection from the original date of purchase.

Please refer to your original warranty card for specific details.

Please note that all mattresses and box springs are warranted by the manufacturer and not Matelas Bonheur. It is the manufacturer that determines whether or not your mattress is defective based on their specific warranty coverage.
Important, fees may apply if an in home inspection is required from the manufacturer. These fees are payable directly to the manufacturer and will only be refunded if your mattress is determined to be defective after the inspection.

By clicking the agree button below it confirms that you have read and accepted the above warranty regulations and are prepared to submit all the necessary documents and photos required.