Technogel Pillow Vive Classic

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Those who prefer low height pillows can still enjoy cozy and lavish support for their head and neck. The VIVE Classic pillow offers a big dose of cool gel comfort for those who sleep primarily on their backs and who have medium to small body conformation. And if you roll onto your side or stomach sometimes, it will feel good too! Lying down each night on the luxury of this versatile moderate-profile pillow will feel like a dream come true.

From our hearts and hands, we deliver the most innovative and luxurious gel pillow to your heads. Because luxury is not always about living in excess, it's about finding things that enrich your life.

The Technogel Vive Classic pillow is made in Italy.

It is composed of a thick layer of technogel gel molded with memory foam. The technogel gel offers ergonomic support thanks to its 3D shaping technology. It has the flexibility of a liquid and the support of a solid, providing superior pressure relief. This technology reduces your contact temperature and its thermal conductivity allows to diffuse the heat from your head during the night and ensure you a cool night. Technogel gel is non-toxic, odourless and does not soften or harden due to age or heat. In addition, this model has a 3-year warranty!
This pillow is covered with a luxurious and soft cover made of cashmere for your comfort. This model is of a small height, so ideal for people who sleep on their backs.

Sleep with your head comfortably against the soft fabric of the Vive Classic cashmere pillow cover while getting Technogel's unique support and comfort!

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