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Keep your new sleep set in good condition by following these suggested care guidelines:

Have the retailer move your new mattress and foundation into your home or ask for advice about properly moving it yourself. Improper handling or installation can damage your new sleep set.

Some new mattresses should be turned and/or rotated to help smooth out contours and equalize the wear and tear that normally occurs. Not all mattresses need this type of care
however so check with your retailer to see what is best for your particular mattress.

Do not use the handles to carry or support the full weight of the mattress. Typically, the handles are designed to help you position the mattress over the foundation. If used improperly, the handles may pull out of the sides and damage the fabric.

Vacuuming is the only recommended way to clean a mattress. A quality, washable mattress pad will help keep the sleep set free from stains. If you are determined to tackle a stain, use mild soap with cold water and rub lightly. Don’t ever soak a mattress or foundation.

Twice a year check for signs of wear and tear to see if it might be time to invest in a new mattress set.

Never put anything between the mattress and foundation to adjust the support. If you feel that you need to do this it is probably time to replace your sleep set.

(Better Sleep Council Canada)

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