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 You spend one-third of your life sleeping! This time has a profound  effect on the other two-thirds of your life. The amount and quality of sleep you get affects your alertness, energy, mood, body weight, perception, memory, thinking, reaction time, productivity, performance, communication skills, creativity, safety and good health.


 Does sleep have a direct impact on our health?

Most definitely! Sleep plays a large role in the numerous aspects of our health and well-being. That is why consistently getting a good night’s sleep is so important. 

Here are a few examples of the health

benefits of sleep*:

• Blood supply to our muscles increases during deep sleep, allowing the body to recover from the physical stresses of the day.

• Body temperature is turned down in deep sleep, thereby conserving energy.

• Metabolic activity is reduced while we sleep, providing an opportunity for tissue growth and repair.

• Natural immune-system modulators increase during sleep, hence modest loss of sleep reduces the body’s immune responses and your resistance to viral infection. You may get more colds, flu and respiratory tract infections when you do not get enough sleep.

• Intensive firing of neurons during REM sleep is thought to be responsible for aiding memory storage and retrieval as well as reorganizing and categorizing information.

* Source: A Woman’s Guide to Sleep    

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