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Mat-Tech Must Belmont 3.0


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i How was this comfort determined? We rigorously test and compare the comforts of each of our mattresses in our entire collection against one another. Each mattress is then graded and given a number. This number is associated with a comfort on the scale from 1 to 100, with 1 being the firmest and 100 the softest. This scale can serve as a guide for matching the right mattress to different sleeping positions or to personal comfort preferences.


Since 1947, the family business and proud Quebec manufacturer behind the highly recommended Mat-Tech mattresses, Matelas René has carved out a prominent place for itself in the mattress industry.

Their top quality coils and materials used in their mattresses make Mat-Tech a serious competitor, who once again amaze us with their brand new model, the Belmont 3.0.

Innovator of pre-compressed pocket coils. This mattress offers you strength and durability with its 952 8.5-inch coils compressed to 6.5 inches for sustained comfort and incomparable robustness. Mat-Tech’s pocket coils contain 30% more pure steel than their competitors and they are 100% produced in Quebec. Their continuous computer-assisted dipping technique creates comfort zones suitable for all sleeping positions, giving you better ergonomics, all night long. This assembly, along with the latest technologies, guarantees you 20 years of comfort and rest.

Natural and durable latex. The upholstery of the Must collection consists of natural latex and high density foam which offers plush comfort while gently eliminating pressure points. Latex, a luxurious material from nature, also promises temperature control for sleepers looking for freshness. The contour of the mattress is reinforced with lateral support foam which gives you a larger sleeping surface while solidifying the sides of this avant-garde looking mattress. The Mat-Tech Geotextile padding method has been redesigned to provide more consistent comfort throughout the relaxation area. You’ll wake up cool and pain-free thanks to the cushioning inspired by European manufacturing methods.

Wool fiber padding. Did you know that wool is a very effective natural thermal insulator? The Belmont 3.0 gives you a deep, restful sleep, adding premium virgin wool to keep you dry and cool. The quilting made of a thick and flexible polyester fiber guarantees you sumptuous comfort and gives your mattress a modern touch.

Stop counting sheep and enjoy a restful night in your new Belmont 3.0 mattress.




Ideal for
Back sleeper
Side sleeper

Fabric & Quilting
Tufted stretched knit
Polyester fibres + virgin wool
1.25″ HD firm foam – 2.2 lbs

Comfort layers
1.5″ 100% Soft natural latex 5 lbs
1.25″ Soft HD – 2lbs
Synthethic Géo textile

Edge support
Perimeter foam Flex-el 2lbs

Pocketed coils with 9.5 twists
Pur alloy certified ISO
Continuous hardening in 4 steps
Squared alignement
Compression 8.5″ to 6.5″
gauge: 15

Coil count and dimensions
Single (39″x80″): 580
Double (54″x75″): 803
Queen (60″x80″): 952
King (76″x80″): 1205

Height (approx)
12″ inches

Compatible with adjustable beds
Available (Medi-bel 3.0)

Manufactured in
Nicolet, Qc


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You can rest easy knowing that you have 90 nights to try your mattress in the comfort of your own home from the day your mattress is delivered or picked up in-store.

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This product is covered by the manufacturer for 10 full years and an additional 10 prorated years, for a total of 20 years.

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