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JUMP Deluxe Plus 10″ Mattress


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i How was this comfort determined? We rigorously test and compare the comforts of each of our mattresses in our entire collection against one another. Each mattress is then graded and given a number. This number is associated with a comfort on the scale from 1 to 100, with 1 being the firmest and 100 the softest. This scale can serve as a guide for matching the right mattress to different sleeping positions or to personal comfort preferences.


The most luxurious JUMP Deluxe Plus 10’’ mattress features all the benefits of our JUMP Deluxe 9” model, plus an additional back support layer of JUMP-Graphite foam located just beneath the famous comfort layer of JUMP-AIR. JUMP-Graphite is not only 7x cooler and more breathable than traditional memory foam but it’s higher density also ensures an even weight distribution and increased lumbar support.

Rather than simply wicking heat away from the body JUMP-Graphite foam actually dissipates heat 16% better than the competition. This heat management system makes for a deeper and more restorative sleep.

The Eco-Transition foam and Eco-Support foam ensure the body is evenly supported throughout the entire sleeping surface. JUMP’s Eco-Foam layers use natural seed-based oil ingredients such as soybeans in the manufacturing process.

The use of natural ingredients not only certifies JUMP mattresses are healthier to sleep on, it also has a smaller environmental footprint by offering lower CO2 emissions and energy requirements in the fabrication process.

The JUMP 10 mattress is finished with a superior athletic soft knit fabric that works perfectly with the breathable mattress design. Like all our JUMP mattresses, the top cover can easily be zipped off and removed for cleaning.


Fabric and Quilting
Covered with a removable and washable soft knit athletic fabric

Comfort & Support
1’’ JUMP-AIR foam
1.5’’ JUMP-Graphite lumbar support foam
2’’ Eco-Transition foam
5.5’’ Eco-Support foam

Height (approx)

Adjustable bed compatible:

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