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Jump 7 Firm

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Would you like to try out the new big thing in mattresses? Why not choose the Jump 7 mattress! Jump 7 is a firm "mattress in a box" that provides great comfort at an affordable price.

The firmness of the Jump 7 mattress
Jump 7 is a firm mattress, ideal for people who sleep on their back or stomach, but also suitable for people who adopt other sleeping positions. Its firmness provides good support and helps maintain the natural alignment of the sleeper's spine.

The advantages of a box mattress
Jump mattresses are delivered in a box, directly at your doorstep. The box makes for easy and convenient transportation and handling. All you have to do is open the box, take out the mattress, roll it out on your bed and you're done!

Sustainable and biological materials
The Jump 7 mattress has a soft, durable and washable* cover with a zipper. The comfort layer of this model includes a 1 inch layer of Jump Air Cool foam and a 2 inch transition thickness of Bio high density soft foam. All this is supported by a 4-inch base layer of Bio high-density foam. Jump Air Cool foam includes technology that eliminates heat from your body to ensure you get a cool night's sleep. This type of foam also contains all the benefits of a traditional memory foam. Bio foam, on the other hand, is made with soybeans, a high quality plant material that is both ecological and resistant. Bio foam helps to manage temperatures well and reduces the amount of moisture and bacteria in the mattress.

Proudly Made in Canada
Proudly made in Canada, Jump mattresses are manufactured by well-established experts who have been creating mattresses for over 30 years. They have become true masters in the art of mattress making always trying to maximize the comfort of their products to the benefit of all sleepers. The manufacturer's expertise along with the durable and organic materials used are some of the many elements that draw the line between Jump mattresses and other mattresses in a box startup brands.

Competitive prices
Matelas Bonheur buys its mattresses in large quantities from its Canadian suppliers, offering you a quality mattress at a competitive price delivered in a box at your doorstep. Whether you buy it from the website or in one of the 18 Matelas Bonheur stores, you will get the best price on the largest selection of box mattresses!

90 nights trial period
If you don't have the opportunity to test your mattress in store before buying, we've got your back! Matelas Bonheur offers you the possibility to test the Jump 7 mattress in your home for 90 nights.

Matelas Bonheur stores are proud to offer mattresses with high-quality materials and to provide a customer service that will allow you to find the mattress that you need for a perfect and restful sleep. For all these reasons, it is rare for our clients to request a replacement. However, if you have tried your mattress for 90 nights and it still doesn't suit you, we'll be happy to replace it with the mattress of your choice from our large competitive selection, whether you made your initial purchase online or in store.

*Washing instructions: machine wash in cold water, air dry

Height: (approx): 7''
Warranty: 5 years
Compatible with an Adjustable base: Yes
Manufactured in: Canada