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How to Style Your Perfect Outdoor Patio

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How to Style Your Perfect Outdoor Patio

Summer’s here! And with it bigger social gatherings, backyard bbqs, and outdoor entertaining. Now might be the perfect time to give your patio or deck a stylish makeover. Do you have a huge backyard? A small patio? Or even a tiny balcony? Big or small, we’ve got design trends from 2021 that’ll inspire you to create a place you’ll love to relax in!

What’s trending in 2021?

In their Summer Trend Report, landscape design experts Yardzen listed several key design ideas in 2021. A major trend on the list was making use of front yards as a social space. Other notables were careful selection of furniture, more multifunctional use of space, and incorporating nature.

Design elements to consider

Be sure to do some groundwork before diving in and consider the layout of your space. Get familiar with how daylight falls throughout the day and consider how you want to use the space. Will you use it mostly for sunbathing and perfecting your tan? Then you’ll want to place lounging chairs in the sunniest spot. Is it mostly for entertaining friends and family? Place your dining area in shade or partial shade. Or is it a place for total relaxation? Again, shade will be paramount. Below are some other tips to create your perfect patio!

Set the mood with lights

For evening patio time, the right lights can create magic and set the mood for your space. Do you have a pond, pool, or water feature? Place lanterns or bistro lights around it to maximize water’s reflective qualities. Consider solar powered LED lights. They’re easy to assemble and can add soft accent lighting along a path or around an outdoor patio. For a special touch- hang a string of festoon or twinkling light to give an inviting, celebratory feel.

Bring nature in

The idea of ‘ReWilding’ outdoor spaces has been gaining momentum lately. It’s all about encouraging your garden to grow from its natural state to help the environment. Proponents of ReWilding suggest choosing native plants and wildlife friendly species. Even if all you have is a small balcony, you can pot a local wildflower or hanging basket to support pollinators like hummingbirds or insects. If you have more space or a yard, you can try growing an edible garden and enjoy foods straight from your home.

Choose earth-friendly furniture

Another trend this year is going with furniture from brands doing good things for the planet. Furniture brands Yardbird and West Elm use recycled plastic or wood from responsible sources. Companies like Loll Designs donate a percentage of their proceeds to conversation initiatives.

Embrace the ‘broken-plan’ layout

Did the pandemic force you to get creative with space to work and spend more time at home? If so, you’re not alone. Enter the ‘broken-plan’ layout. Instead of open concept living, this concept explores a multifunctional use of rooms. And it works for outdoor spaces too. Pergola structures offer a great way to do this in a backyard or patio. They create shade and subdivide areas into zones for different activities and uses.

What are you waiting for? Create your perfect outdoor space for the ultimate relaxation time!

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