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How to organize your home office for productivity

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How to organize your home office for productivity

How to organize your home office for productivity

Working from home is a reality for so many now and having the perfect space is a necessity. Your work from home setup should inspire you to create, work, and innovate. A few simple changes in your home office can elevate your mood and increase productivity. The following pieces are the perfect add-ons to turn your office into a dream space. 



Layout is everything when it comes to your work from home setup. You will want to find a room that is quiet, away from high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living area and one that has plenty of light. Once you have your room selected, placing your desk, chair and other furniture for ultimate comfort and flexibility is key to any work from home space.    


Furniture Picks

A key factor in work from home furniture is to not only keep the furniture comfortable but also practical. You want your work from home space to support your back and prevent aches and pains but you also need to remain productive. Find chairs that are ergonomic and that support your height and weight just right. For your desk space keep it at a level that is comfortable for your hands and arms while you type and does not put too much strain on your neck and head while reading emails.   


Indoor Plants 

There are many benefits to bringing plants into your home. Some plants work as insect repellents while other plants emit antimicrobial particles that clean your air. Indoor plants are a way to bring the outdoors in while also providing multiple benefits to you and those living in your home. Indoor plants are also a source of oxygen which helps the blood and air flow to your brain during work which can help boost your productivity. 


Office Supplies  

Of course you will need certain supplies in your office but keep in mind that less is more and that organization helps with productivity. You want to keep your supplies at a minimum and want to ensure they are kept clean, neat and organized. Clutter is not only messy and hazardous it also can affect your mood and productivity.   


Natural Light 

Make use of the natural light in your home and open up the windows or curtains. Natural light promotes wellness and elevates mood and demeanor. If you must have blinds or curtains make sure they are not black out and cover them in white or linen fabrics. Natural light is full of vitamins that boost your body’s immune system and helps keep your productivity flowing in and out. 


When setting up your work from home space remember to keep it simple. The more complex and overwhelming the space the less likely it is to promote creativity and productivity.