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Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Your Deep Sleep

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Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Your Deep Sleep

Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Your Deep Sleep

How well do you sleep?

According to the Sleep Foundation, our best night’s sleep includes plenty of deep sleep. This is when our bodies take time to recharge, grow, and repair. However, while we should aim to get a good night’s sleep every single night, this sadly isn’t always possible. Factors like stress, illness, caffeine levels, light levels, and more can all affect how well we sleep. This blog will give you healthy sleep habits to improve your deep sleep, so you can make the most of your 8 hours!


Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Sticking to a sleep schedule is a great way to enhance your sleep efficiency and get your much-needed deep sleep. By falling asleep at the same time every night, you’re training your body to sleep appropriately. Similarly, try waking up at the same time every morning – including weekends. This schedule will force your body to adapt and make the most of its sleep, every night!


Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Space

Your bedroom needs to be one of relaxation and calm. Try and limit any activities other than sleep from your bedroom, such as exercise or work. This way, your body will naturally associate your room with sleep and immediately feel calmer when it’s bedtime. Other ways to help with this are to add essences like lavender into your room, and low-level lighting.


Limit Day Time Napping

While afternoon naps can be tempting, they can also impact your sleep quality. If you enjoy daytime naps, try to limit them to 30 minutes in duration, so that you can still get a night of quality sleep.


Practice Mindfulness and Movement

Try and move your body every single day. This movement can be a brisk walk around the block or more strenuous exercise. It doesn’t matter how you move your body, but you must try and be active for at least 30 minutes every day. Similarly, mindfulness is a great tool to practice and will be particularly useful as part of your nighttime routine. Mindfulness is a way of managing stress, anxiety, and our thoughts and feelings to reduce stress and relax the body. Mindfulness is an excellent daily practice, not just for sleep, but for overall health and wellbeing.


Create a Nightly Routine

Create a nightly routine that gradually relaxes your mind and body. This routine can include:

  • Taking a hot bath or shower
  • Drinking a cup of chamomile tea
  • Listening to a relaxing playlist
  • Reading a book
  • Limiting blue light devices (like a laptop or your phone)
  • Spraying lavender on your bedsheets
  • Having low-level lighting in your bedroom.

By creating a similar, stable nightly routine that increases relaxing thoughts, you’ll be able to get into that needed deep sleep much quicker.


A night of deep sleep is necessary for our bodies. While it won’t be achieved every single night, it is possible to increase the likelihood of a good, deep night’s sleep through your daily and nightly routine. Healthy sleep habits are an essential practice that will immensely benefit your mind and body. Try and implement some of these healthy sleep habits into your routine, today!