Delivery Service and Shipping Rates: Small & Large item(s) for online purchase*



  Pick-up at the warehouse

  Shipping in Quebec and Ontario

  Small items



  Large items under $300



  Large items over $300



Shipping Small items via Canada Post*

Matelas Bonheur will ship your order anywhere in Quebec or Ontario by courier via Canada Post. These small items include but are not limited to, pillows, sheets, mattress covers, pillow covers, and duvets.

Free shipping on all small item(s).

Shipping Large items

Matelas Bonheur will ship your order anywhere in Quebec or Ontario where year around road access is available by truck or freight. Large items are items that are determined too large to ship via courier and must be shipped via truck or freight.

Free shipping* on all large items over $300 before tax.

Free pick-up or 60$ shipping* charge on all large items under $300 before tax.

Delivery Policy

  1. The online store is only open to customers in Quebec and Ontario.

  2. The client must ensure that there is adequate space for the volume of merchandise purchased for delivery.

  3. Merchandise could be delivered partially due to delays from the manufacturer.

*In rare occasions, some additional charges may apply. If it’s the case, a representative will contact you. You’ll always have the option of canceling your order.

Report a Delivery Issue

Matelas Bonheur prides itself in giving every customer the best delivery service possible. Although rare and despite our best efforts in delivering heavy, voluminous merchandise, accidents may occur on delivery. In the unfortunate event that your merchandise or property gets damaged on delivery, please advise us within 48hrs by filling out our delivery claim form. Once submitted you will be contacted by a Matelas Bonheur representative within 72hrs. Rest assured, your issue will be dealt with in a quick, professional and courteous manner. 


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