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The history

Our beautiful story marked its start in December 1985. The first “Matelas Bonheur” store, located in Sainte-Geneviève QC, opened shop. A store specialized in the sales of mattresses and bedding accessories. The company branded its name in the field of mattresses and quickly became known for its service, guidance and excellent value for money.

Having gained notoriety among its customers, other branches were quickly established. 30 years later, our family business now boasts of 19 sales points in the greater metropolitan area and an online store where you can receive information about all our products in the comfort of your own home. Our children work actively in the company and share our core values. It is always a pleasure for us to serve you and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Our environmental awareness

We have always been keen with environmental issues. For nearly 15 years, our company was forced to dispose the mattresses we recovered into landfills. As we all know: landfills are over stacked and mattresses are voluminous and daunting. In fact, they are on average twice as thick as before. Fortunately, more and more measures are being taken to remedy this situation.

At Matelas Bonheur, we opted for the green path since 2003. Our solution? Partnerships with various recycling companies! Together we take care of recycling not only your mattresses, but all your packaging materials as well. We also offer certain mattresses to charities, giving them a second use for those in need.

Moreover, it is extremely important to us that this process does not cause you any inconvenience, which is why we propose you the mattress recovery service with the purchase of your new mattress at Matelas Bonheur and to take care of it without you having to lift a single finger.

We also strive every day to pass on our ecological values to all our employees and their families as well.

Community Involvement  

At Matelas Bonheur, community involvement is very important! In our opinion, playing an active role in society is the responsible decision to make as a Canadian company, in the province of Quebec. Whether by sponsorship, fundraising or donations of our mattresses, we love giving back to the community through our longtime partnerships with various organizations